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Chess Informant 85 on CD

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963 games, June 2002 – Sept 2002 Available in the first half of December 2002. Only here! Only in the Chess Informant Reader format. Available on a CD, together with the software. Chess Informant 85 brings together a thoroughly refined selection of 492 annotated games and 471 game fragments from the events held between June 1st, 2002 and September 30st, 2002 along with the trademark sections. The following events are covered: Moscow (rapid), Malmoe, Batumi, Leon (advanced chess), Nederland (ch), Paris (rapid), Belfort, Kaskady, Qingdao, Esbjerg, Dortmund, J. Timman – A. Naiditsch (m), China – USA, Biel, R. Ponomariov – Anand (rapid-m), France (ch), San Francisco, Schweiz – Deutschland, Russia – Rest of the World (rapid), Kallithea, etc. As usual, our contributors are the world’s best players: G. Kasparov, Anand, M. Adams, Leko, R. Ponomariov, Bareev, Ivanchuk, B. Gelfand, Svidler, An. Karpov, Ju. Polgar, I. Sokolov, Smirin, Van Wely, Dreev, Z. Almasi, J. Lautier, Rublevsky, Ki. Georgiev, Sutovsky, Kasimdzhanov, Krasenkow, S. Movsesian, A. Beliavsky, Al. Onischuk, Sakaev, Ch. Lutz, S. Volkov, M. Gurevich, Korchnoi, Motylev, Tiviakov, Bologan, Kobalia, Jussupow, V. Milov, Zhang Zhong, Dautov, Macieja and many others. Free supplement: Chess Informant 84 in PGN format! Games without annotations Model 5100

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